Binky Layug

See Brizinsky Castillo Layug’s sweet 16th birthday photo coverage below. Don’t forget to rate, share on twitter and facebook. Please drop a comment too! :)

The pictures below will return a large resolution picture when clicked and it is about 0.5MB in size or even bigger. Please be patient while the larger resolution picture loads. If the large resolution picture is bigger than your screen, you could press “Esc” on your keyboard or click the close button on the lower right portion of the picture to close the full resolution picture. You may also click the right or left portion of the picture to go to the next or to the previous picture in line.

May 15, 2010 Mario’s Tomas Morato

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  1. great pictures! pls pls send me quotes 4 bday coverage..and by bday coverage i mean just the coverage and pics on cd/dvd,no print outs,albums, u do that kind of service?pls reply baby is turning 1 by the end of the month and the venue is not that big enough for a photobooth thats why we opted to chus a bday coverage n lng instead of a photobooth.THANKS AND MORE POWER!!!!

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