What is a Photo Booth?
A photo booth is fun photo generator machine that you can add to your parties and events. It instantly prints your guests pictures that can be taken home as souvenir of fun and great time.

What is a Mobile Photo Studio?
A mobile photo studio is in an evolution of a traditional photo booth. It’s set up is wide and sophisticated.
Lighting is setup professionally to give a better picture quality. By having a mobile photo studio in your event will let you feel like you are on a Hollywood red carpet pictorial.

How does our Mobile Photo Studio work?
Place yourself right on the target and give your best pose. Our photographer then hits the key to start the photo session process. Each shot has 5 seconds interval which is just enough to rehearse your next pose or choose your next fun props. After the number of shots, the photo is then printed on a customized high-quality 4″ x 6″ paper which is available in less than a minute.

Where can you install the Photo Booth?
Our Mobile Photo Studio/ Booth can be installed anywhere indoors and outdoors (provided with tent) can be transported anywhere in your building. Please allow approximately 15 square meters are for the booth and additional space for your guests to gather. Our equipment requires a dedicated 220V outlet within 5 meter-distance.

How much set-up time is required?
We only need at least an hour to set up the photo booth for your event, and this is not assessed to your rental period (nor is egress time). We usually arrive at the venue 2 hours maximum prior to the start time.

Are there available layouts to choose from?
Photo Layouts are available on our Layouts page.

Is there a limit on photo sessions?
Photo session is unlimited until your package time runs out. You can always come back to the line after your session as a courtesy to others and have your picture taken again and again.

Is there a limit on photo printing?
Printing copies of your photo session will depend on your requested package/ add-ons.

How is the quality of your photos?
Our photos and prints are of excellent quality because we choose only the best brand, Canon EOS DSLR camera for shooting and Canon Dye sublimation printers and Canon photo papers for printing.

How else can the guests get the photos?
All photos will be made available through our website: PhotoBooth.RentalPhilippines.com and will be added on our Facebook account for easy Tagging. Take note that your photo will be posted on our site for a life time so you can always look back to the best memories you’ve had with our photo booth. You can always request for removal of any photos you feel inappropriate. Access to hi-res file is also available.

What is a Photo book?
A Photo Book is an available FREEBIE where you can attach the duplicate of your photo, provided with a space to write on, put messages and dedication. This is available if you request for a DOUBLE PRINTING Add On service for 3 hours (wherein we provide you with a duplicate copy of each printed photo). Visit our Packages Page for more available Add Ons.

How to extend our photo booth rental?
Service extensions come in 2 forms:

Scheduled: Should be discussed/agreed at least a day prior to the event date. Fee is Php 2,000 per hour.
Unscheduled: Should be coordinated with the technician at least an hour before the photo booth rental time ends. Fee is P2,500 per hour.

What is a “pause time” and who should schedule it?
A “pause time” is the allowable time our photo booth service can be placed on hold/break/rest. The event organizer should be the one to schedule & coordinate the “pause time” with the photo booth technician at least an hour prior to the event. Guests should also be advised of the “pause time” adherence.

Where do the Photo Booth Technicians/Photographers go during “pause time”?
Photo Booth Technicians/Photographers stay at the booth but turn all unnecessary lights off so as not to distract attention from the program.

Are there additional fees for Out-of-town event?
Out-of-town fees depends per location. Please contact us to find out the rates.

How do I book with you?
To book your event, please leave a message on our “Contact Us” page or call (02)401-0304, mobile: 0939.901.8745 and look for Ice. We will require a P2,500 downpayment to block off the event date, which you can pay either online through our “Payments” page or via direct deposit to our Unionbank account. A proof of deposit is required to credit the payment to your account. Credit card payment is available online. Your balance will be due 3 days before the event.

How do I cancel/resched my booking?
For cancelled events, please notify us through a phone call 7 working days prior to your booking date to confirm cancellation. Please take note that the Downpayment fee of Php 2, 500 is non-refundable.
For postponed/rescheduled events, please advise us 7 working days prior to your original event date, so that your deposit can be transferred to another schedule, provided that the new selected date is still available.

I have a question that’s not answered here, how do I get in touch with you?
Please visit our Contact Us page and We’d be happy to help you!

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